Military Tales and Old Guys and Their Airplanes announce video & streaming partnership

Military Videos

Military Tales and Old Guys and Their Airplanes (OGTA) joined forces with the mutual goal of preserving the oral history of military service. They combined their strengths to create a platform for veterans to share their stories of bravery and resilience. The testimonials capture some of the highest of highs and lowest of lows in humanity; the kind of stories that make people freeze in awe with the realization that some of the most inspiring heroes live hidden amongst the masses.

Rich Benjamin, the founder of Military Tales, explained that the collaboration and video production alliance with Mollison began during the Covid-19 lockdown as both organizations found their paths merging while working privately on individual video projects. “As we shared ideas and videos, a common bond and mutual respect was born from one singular focus — to preserve the oral history of military service,” Benjamin said. Military Tales primarily focuses on collecting these veteran's accounts of combat missions from War.

Military Tales, a YouTube channel that seeks to preserve the combat stories of our servicemen and women, will join forces with Old Guys and Their Airplanes (OGTA) to become a live streaming partner for OGTA “Watch Parties” featuring interviews with combat veterans. Viewers of these Watch Parties will be able to interact with the stream by sending in questions during the interview. A major element to the alliance between Military Tales will also host past OGAT videos and video interviews on its YouTube channel.

This collaboration will combine Military Tales’ strong YouTube subscriber fan base with OGAT’s web-based monthly readership to reach a larger audience. Similar to the need to record and document the World War II stories of the greatest generation at the end of the 21st century, the mission of both organizations is to rescue military history one story at a time.