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A Secret Airbase… (NKP) Nakhon Phanom Thailand – THE END OF THE WORLD, CARVED OUT OF NOTHING

Thailand 1963 -1975.

The U.S. Air Force waged a secret and unconventional air war in Southeast Asia from Nakhon Phanom (NKP), Thailand. This secret air base was strategically located across the Mekong River from Laos, and in the words of the men who served there  “You were literally at the end of the world and it was carved out of nothing!

Nakon Phanom (NKP) air base was less than 5 minutes flying time from Laos. American pilots flew “armed reconnaissance” missions in Laos, to prevent Communist infiltration over the Ho Chi Minh trail. These flights were permitted to fire back if fired upon.

Along with armed reconnaissance, the A-1 Skyraiders were used for air cover in (SAR) search and rescue operations for downed pilots in North Vietnam and Laos along with “Jolly Green Giant” helicopters which made jungle pickup and rescues.

The interview you are about to watch is of the Weapons Loaders (462), the men who kept the A-1 Skyraiders armed, loaded, and ready to fight. Their job was to keep the aircraft armed around the clock, their task was daunting and dangerous.

Joining us today are Paul Etterling, Arnie Harmon, and Barry Rowland. These men represent the weapons loaders (462), a conservative estimate of 25,000 (+ or – ) weapons loaders served during the 10-year Secret War.

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