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This is the short film “The Unchained Eagle” + the following live Q&A with Vietnam War POW and expert in Post-Traumatic Stress, Col Robert Certain, USAF (Ret.) Col Certain was the Navigator aboard B-52G, “Charcoal One” – the first loss of the stunning “Operation Linebacker II” campaign of December 1972. On the opening night of 18 December, Certain’s bomber was hit by two SA-2 missiles just seconds before reaching their target of the Yen Vien Rail Center, just northwest of Ha Noi, North Vietnam. Forced to eject, Certain was one of the three survivors of the crew of six. Quickly captured and imprisoned in the “Hanoi Hilton” prison system, Certain became a symbol of the important role the POWs played in the Vietnam War. Though he returned to America and found extraordinary success as a military leader, Chaplain, and Priest within the Episcopal Church, the trauma of the war-affected him to the point where intervention was necessary. His story of trial, healing, and redemption is an inspiration to all. The live portion was streamed from Blue Skies of Texas (formerly Air Force Village) on 28 August 2021 to a worldwide audience. For access to the accompanying Educator's Kit, either follow the prompts on-screen or .CLICK THE LINK BELOW