Vietnam Helicopters

This video is a compilation of archival footage of Helicopters in and around Saigon in 1970. The footage was filmed by Roger Youngblood A-1 Skyraider pilot. In Rogers's first tour of Vietnam, Roger was to fly the C-123 twin-engine cargo plane. Roger, like all pilots, wanted to fly a single-seat fighter plane. In his first days in Vietnam, Roger made 2 major decisions.

#1 He had heard if you immediately re up for a second tour, you would be given your choice of assignment. Roger was determined to fly the A-1 Skyraider and immediately re upped for a consecutive tour. Guaranteeing his opportunity to fly the A-1 Skyraider

#2 Roger went to the PX and bought the best 8mm movie camera he could find. In two years of service in S.E.A. South East Asia, Roger had filmed over 180 reels of 8mm film which he had developed and sent home. Decades later He and I, Rich Benjamin met. Roger entrusted his collection to me and I have had all of his films digitized and am remastering.

This film is is dedicated to all the men who flew Helicopters and were the savior and support to so many on the ground