The Man Who Flew The A-1, A-7 and A-10 Roger Youngblood – Attack Aircraft Pilot

You are in for a special treat, as Roger Youngblood discusses his 24 years as an Attack Aircraft Pilot. Form the A-1 Skyraider to the A-7 to the A-10, an incredible journey. Most of the historical 8mm films in this video come from Rogers's very own collection. There will be a background change when Roger begins talking about the A-10. That photo is of Roger it was found among all of his slides and 8mm film collection. As I processed films and photos converting them to digital format, I came across this image. Here is the conversation Roger and I had regarding the A-10 photo

That is me.! Testing A-10 low-level attack tactics against tanks in the Hunter Liggett Valley, Calif. I had special AF clearance to fly below 100′ to effectively kill tanks. This actual photo was taken by a tank commander who opened his ‘hatch' door, stood up with head and camera above the turret, and could not believe I was attacking below the trees..! His laser-equipped cannon could not depress down at a low enough angle to kill me. He could not believe the photo with the tree in the background. The A-10 vs Russian tank tactics test was run by UCLA and every A-10 / tank was equipped with laser guns and receptors to record kills. UCLA test computers confirmed my tank kill that morning. Needless to say, I enjoyed flying the greatest single-seat attack airplane ever built with a 30mm cannon firing at 70 rds / sec..!! (Rich, once again you have a one-of-a-kind photo.!)
Thanks for the memories.

Below 100 ft hell, it looks like you are below 30 feet AMAZING! Roger, I was in 7th grade when I fell in love with the A-10. I remember drawing and painting it in art class, who would have known I would run into you in life.

I actually did not know how low I was flying…the tank commander who gave me the photo said the trees were about 75′ tall.

Rich, my life has come full circle…about 49 years ago I was flying the A-1 as a Sandy just east and over the mountains from where I am now at NKP AFB, Thailand..!