Join John Stryker “Tilt” Meyer as he discuses MACV-SOG

You never finished your definition of MACV SOG, anyways thank let's just do that in our government's infinite wisdom in 1962 there was a treaty where our government said we will not have combat troops in Cambodia or Laos, and the North Vietnamese being the Honourable Communist Dogs that they were they just ignored that and in fact, when our government entered that agreement they never signed a formal
document untold but we agreed not to send or have American combat troops and Laos or Cambodia

The NVA North Vietnamese army had already been coming down the Ho Chi Minh Trail which is yeah Vietnam like this Vietnam to the west would be Cambodia and Laos up north so this would be Vietnam here and then Laos in Cambodia and so from Hanoi they would send down supplies to come down the trail and then we come into South Vietnam all through here and our job was
to go in and see what they're doing and 64 they established the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Studies and Observations Group aka SOG