Doc Padgett – MACV SOG Medic – Interview

This is the interview with John E. Padgett, PA-C Emeritus, PhD MAJ, US Special Forces (Ret) Emeritus Founding Professor, Touro University Nevada Vice President, Refugee Relief International, Inc.

“The photo of the Jolly Green is from OperationTailwind. The helicopter that rescued those of us shot down in another Jolly Green while trying to evacuate the wounded. The photo was taken through the window of a gunship. I'm the first guy next to the ship. As the medic and probably the ranking NCO at the time, I wouldn't climb up before insuring that everybody was accounted for and up the ladder. But when the helicopter dropped the ladder and I directed the crew on the ground to get the hell up the ladder, nobody moved! There were bullets coming ever closer and the lot of them were frozen! So I said to myself “Screw this!” And to the crew, I said “Follow me!” And up I went. They followed.”

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