Join John Stryker"Tilt" Meyer as he discuses MACV-SOG "You never finished your definition of MACV SOG" ... From Hanoi they would send down supplies to come down the trail and then we come into South Vietnam all through here and our job was to go in and see what they're doing and 64 they established the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Studies and Observations Group aka SOG

Doc Padgett – MACV SOG Medic – Interview

This is the interview with John E. Padgett, PA-C Emeritus, PhD MAJ, US Special Forces (Ret) "The photo of the Jolly Green is from Operation Tailwind. The helicopter that rescued those of us shot down in another Jolly Green while trying to evacuate the wounded.

MACV-SOG Bright Light Mission With George Wilson Hunt

“Did I bring back enough?” On August 09, 1968, Colonel Wayne B. Wolfkeil of the 6the Special Operations Sqdn, 633rd Special Ops Wing, 7th AF was shot down and killed. Wayne and his wingman were providing air support defending a (MACV-SOG) team on the ground that was in real trouble and faced pending annihilation